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Designing sacred buildings is first of all a religious act.
Architetto Italiano designs places of worship by offering the possibility to choose the most suitable architectural style among the different historical styles.

We’re unique worldwide because:
- complete abolition of decimal metric system;
- complete abolition of Portland cement;
- application of cubit and ancient measurement systems;
- reintroduction of Amarna architectural style (introduced by Pharaoh Amenhotep IV Akhenaton in the capital city Akhenaton);
- usage of “Roman” mortar, “historical” brick and local stone.

Design quality:
- usage of Sacred Writings and historical manuals;
- cooperation and consultancy of archaeologists, theologians, etc.;
- aware usage of the symbolic and iconographic wealth;
- usage of traditional metric and construction systems;
- research of the best eco-friendly way.
3 steps:
- preliminary design: choosing the architectural style;
- final design: perfect dimensioning and decorative array;
- executive design: metric counting and structural calculation.
Architetto Italiano can also supply workmen for jobs management and for the construction according to the project. Sacred architecture, the place where men and God meet and vice versa, requires long time for construction, appropriate techniques and material, similar and consistent ones.

On the home page:
The sorrowful statue of Charity by Gaetano Matteo Monti (Ravenna 1776 – Milano 1847) pupil of Canova, is part of the Funeral Monument of the bishop Gabrio Maria Nava in the Brescia’s Duomo Nuovo (New Cathedral).
In theology Charity means devoting oneself, doing voluntary work, mission. This is love for our neighbour, one of the ways to reach happiness.
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